About Us

We are (currently) a small group of ladies who love loud, live music. And we love to write about it!

This blog was created when we noticed a distinct lack of female-authored concert reviews, and wanted to create a community for kindred spirits to share their experiences.  We may be called "Girls at the Rock Show" (Because it's damned catchy, AND a nod to the fabulous Blink classic!) but because our musical interests are as diverse as we are, we will write about any shows and any type of music we feel deserves a shout-out.  That includes country, rap, local bands, tribute bands......any music that gets us moving and gets us to happily part with our hard-earned cash and free time.

Also fair game? Probably music reviews of any sort (in other words, not ONLY concerts), as well as clips from live shows, links to other reviews, music news, etc.

Enjoy the show!


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