Turn Blue - The Black Keys

I have a deep relationship with music.  It fuels so much of what is inside me.  It speaks for me, to me and through me.  I also love music that has no personal meaning at all.  For that, I like it loud.

Why am I telling you this?

I never paid attention to Black Keys.  I know, I know... how can I be a contributor on a music blog without having ever bothered to listen to them.  It's just not my speed but I do acknowledge their talent.

So why now do I bring them up, you ask?

It all started when I took the latest issue of Rolling Stone to read while I soaked in the tub.

What?  I'm a single mom.  There's a lot of truth to what Calgon is selling.  Speaking of selling, I have no idea why Rolling Stone is in my mailbox every week since I'm not a subscriber.  I did, however, appreciate the recent issue with Kit Harington.  That man ... definitely ... knows ... something....

But, I digress.

There's an article about Black Keys latest record.  What first caught my eye was the notation that it was created from the band members "darkest days."  You can dismiss me as morose but I have oftentimes found that the best music comes from tragedy.... it's that form of raw pain that I most relate to.

Hmmm... maybe I DO have some issues.

Okay, so... back to my point.  The article references lyrics to their song In Our Prime. "The house, it burned but nothing there was mine.  We had it all when we were in our prime."


Coming from an acrimonious divorce where I walked away with nothing but profound loss, it slammed me.  Hard.  And I wanted to hear more.  So I downloaded their entire new album (wait... do we call them albums anymore?)

I encourage you to do the same.


Thanks for this post! I just heard "Turn Blue" the other day, and I love it! I really liked their previous releases as well. I mean, we can't all be angry and aggressive and edgy ALL THE TIME.

So....I'm sure they'll be in Atlanta this winter, and tickets are on sale SOON if not already. Want to try to see them either in Atlanta or Nashville?

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Oh, and I will ALWAYS call them albums.

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