I Wanna Fall in Love with the Stars in Your Eyes

Exactly one week before Old Man Winter and Mother Nature decided to join evil forces by bitchslapping Atlanta with a nasty ice storm which stranded thousands and turned the city into "Literally an episode of "The Walking Dead,"  Belle traveled from her native Alabama to see New Politics with Spank in Atlanta.

BELLE: Since the beginning of the writing of this review and its publication, Atlanta - and also Huntsville this time - were abused with more brutal winter weather, then a mini-heatwave and tornadic outbreak.   Gotta love our crazy southern weather! 

SPANK: Do you even understand the harassment I endured at the hands of my New York brethren over being stranded in my car for nine and a half hours over two inches of snow????  I think Hitler was as mad as me:

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since the rewrite of this review and its publication, Atlanta went from winter to spring/summer and we still haven't finished this post!  But we are together again and committed to bringing you -- the reader -- this highly anticipated review of the New Politics show (seen in January 2014).  SO... sit back, relax and get ready for some really dated information.  


BELLE: If you remember, back in September Spank and I had an absolute blast at Thirty Seconds To Mars' Atlanta show. New Politics was the supporting act for that show, and a new-to-us band. Spank had heard a few songs, and I had heard "Harlem." We were so intrigued by (what we saw) of their set that night we just knew we'd have to come back and see them when they were in town again.

SPANK: HEY!  You forget to mention that at that 30 Seconds to Mars show I fell deeply in love with the drummer from New Politics.  Until, of course, Jared Leto took the stage and I then remembered that I was actually deeply in love with Jared.  But then... at this January show, I once again rekindled my love for *looks over at Belle and whispers* What's his name again...?

BELLE: Lou, Spank.  His name is Lou.

SPANK: Oh yeah... Lou. *sighs dreamily* I really really REALLY love him.

BELLE: The band played at Terminal West with openers Sleeper Agent and Magic Man.  Spank didn't feel well so we opted to head to dinner before the show instead of our usual post-concert stop at a nearby Waffle House (BTW, Waffle House, we are still waiting on that sponsorship), thereby missing Sleeper Agent.  Sorry, Sleeper Agent!

SPANK: I didn't feel well...?  I was given last rites the next morning.  It was touch and go, dude... touch... and... go.

BELLE: Or ... like I said, you didn't FEEL well....!

SPANK: *grumbles*  Whatever.... The only thing that kept me from dying that night was how incredible this band was to watch.  I actually almost forgot I was knocking on heaven's door.

BELLE Oh come on, Spank... you know you'd be sliding down the chute straight to hell.  But, I agree about this band.  I'm so in love with them it's not even funny!  They released one of my favorite albums of 2013.  I love the energy of their live shows, even if it was only my second time seeing them live. Most of their songs are catchy, upbeat, and happy.  And they manage to make songs with lyrics about random casual hookups sound completely sweet and endearing.  

SPANK: I totally agree and a perfect example of that is Fall Into These Arms.  While we don't have our own video of that performance to show, you can't beat a song that includes lyrics such as this: 

Though we've only met I want to wake up in your bed.  Scars are beautiful to me, a heart that beats is a heart that bleeds.  On with the show, the world is our set.  I'll play Montague, you'l be Capulet.  There's no tragedy, tonight we are alive -- Fall into these arms and spend the night with a stranger like me.

BELLE:  The band sticks to a tried and true formula during the performance of that song with singer David Boyd standing on the crowd then immediately clearing part of the venue floor to break dance among the fans:

SPANK: Oh how about when they covered Justin Timberlake with My Love.  For a moment during that song I couldn't be sure if I was feeling faint due to my grave medical condition or excessive swoonage.

BELLE: I'm so glad you didn't die so we could enjoy this night together!  The band looked like they were having the time of their lives - and so did you, Spank, *rolls eyes* death bed notwithstanding!  To end the night, they took us to Harlem:

We are so proud to be able to say that we got to see them on their first headlining tour, and can't wait to see them again!  The Harlem USA tour is over, but you can - and SHOULD - catch them this summer on the Monumentour with Fall Out Boy and Paramore.


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