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Hi everyone! Spank here ready to deliver a recap of a fantastic night with my friend Belle in Atlanta to see The Killers.  Belle is the resident musical reviewing genius of this blog so I suggest you read her post for all the specific details about their performance that I will likely miss.

Before I begin let me say that in my defense... I was REALLY not feeling well the night of the show:

But I'm not one to let a pesky fever keep me from a live show so off we went.  Of course, we ALMOST went to the wrong venue.  I'd like to say that my fever prevented me from focusing but, in truth, I am directionally challenged on the best of days.  Regardless, we made it and chilled out (and by chilled out I mean we were FREEZING--it was October in August) for a little tailgating (brought to you by Yuengling) before heading into the venue.  The right venue.  No thanks to me.

The opening act, The Virgins, had already begun their set so we only heard about two songs.  While their name left a lot to be desired (unless you desire virgins, that is) the music was spot on and enjoyable.  These guys also hail from New York like Spank so that makes them awesome by default.

See that? That's me sitting down while waiting for The Killers to begin.  Once they did, my ass did not one time see that chair.  They started their set with Mr. Brightside which was a PERFECT way to generate a swell of excitement for how the night was going to be.  Electric, fun, crazy-good energy and awesome music!

From there they played a non-stop set of their hits, new songs and a few incredible covers.  What struck me most about the show was Brandon Flowers who exudes an infectious enthusiasm.  While the entire band played an inspired set, it was Brandon, as frontman, who interacted most with the audience and did so righteously.

And his voice!  People, seriously -- I have seen a lot of shows and some really incredible ones too.  His range is impressive. He hit EVERY note and delivered every single song flawlessly.  While Belle leans more toward sound, I am a lyrics girl and so when you provide my musical soul with the right lyrics and music that matches the mood of those lyrics, it can bring me to tears.... and that happened a few times during the show, specifically when they sang A Dustland Fairytale, All These Things I've Done and Be Still.

I didn't take this video but here's how the band ended their solid two hour set: Battle Born into When We Were Young:

At the end of the show I had a huge smile on my face and even a few tears falling over what a perfect night I had under the stars with a fantastic friend and some incredibly talented guys, and was feeling ever so thankful that what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas but came to Atlanta for one magical night.

August 15, 2013
The Killers
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park
Alpharetta, GA


Thanks for your review! This is awesome! I keep going back over the videos from the show and reliving the night over and over!

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