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Greetings Echelon and other Creatures of the Interweb,

Spank is FINALLY here to give you this recap of the Thirty Seconds to Mars show I attended at The Tabernacle in Atlanta on September 27, 2013 with Belle.  I do apologize it has taken this long but I had personal matters that not only kept me writing this but almost kept me from attending the show in the first place.

This was the third time I heard Thirty Seconds to Mars perform live.  I do believe the term "third time's a charm" is applicable here because while they were incredible each time I saw them, this time was definitely the best of the bunch.

I can write a love letter regarding every song they performed because, for me, this isn't just music.  It is a movement that rides on a wave of emotion that is felt in the pounding of the drum, the strum on the guitar strings, and with each and every word sung. That was evident to me when the band opened with Birth:

"I will save you from yourself. Time will change everything about this hell"

  (Not footage from The Tabernacle show)

This Is War is an anthem that speaks directly to the heart of anyone who has felt like they lived through a battle. Life can feel that way for me, and perhaps you, and it was a moment I needed to capture so you could experience this intense camaraderie with me:

The band mostly played songs from This Is War and Love Lust Faith + Dreams with a couple of tunes thrown in from A Beautiful Lie for good measure. Oh, and they performed their delicious cover of Rhianna's song, Stay.  Haven't heard it?  Here ya go:

(Not footage from The Tabernacle show)

You're welcome.

The band's encore began with Alibi (a song with intense personal meaning for me) and closed with their absolutely AMAZING song Up In The Air.  The way the show ended perfectly encapsulated the explosive energy of this night.  I began videotaping it but scrapped that idea due to my unwillingness to stand still, even for the sake of this blog. Thankfully, someone else WAS willing:

After the show Belle and I stood in a ridiculously long line just for the pleasure of having signed by the band a CD of music I already owned digitally.  But it was worth it as I'm pretty sure me and Jared Leto had a moment.  Or maybe it was just 30 seconds.  Okay, OKAY!  It was only 3 seconds.  But still... those were the best 3 seconds of my life!

I will never forget the moment, the moment.
I will never forget this night.
We sing, we sing...

On... on... on...
That's how the story goes......

September 27, 2013
Thirty Seconds to Mars
The Tabernacle
Atlanta, GA


Great review! I couldn't find ANYTHING to help me with reviewing the New Politics portion of the evening. We still should have hopped on the giant Ferris Wheel before heading to Waffle House, though :)

October 25, 2013 at 10:22 AM comment-delete

This is great! How do I become a "girl at the rock show?!" :)

January 29, 2014 at 9:16 AM comment-delete

I sent you an email, TerinAleah :)

January 31, 2014 at 5:30 PM comment-delete

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